Dry Eye Clinic

We have teamed up with our sister practice Oldbury & Cruickshank to offer a full and comprehensive Dry Eye Service 

The dry eye clinic aims to help remove or reduce the symptoms above by patients attending a dedicated clinic for Dry Eyes,Sore Eyes or Red Eyes. These clinics involve a detailed assessment of symptoms and ocular surface disease resulting in an individually designed plan with personal attention to method and treatment of ocular surface disease.

Our aim is to produce one of the leading dry eye clinics in Cheshire.

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Up to 30% of people in their 50s experience dry eye syndrome, and the condition becomes more common with age. It’s responsible for 1 in 20 eye problems reported to GPs and can develop at any age, although is more common amongst older people.

There are a number of causes of dry eye, each of which are best suited to specific types of management regimes and/or drops. The best way to know which one is best suited to you is to discuss the options with a visit to your optometrist.

So what exactly do we need to assess

Dry eyes can be caused by a multitude of factors. Unfortunately most opticians do not have the equipment necessary to really get to the root of the problem and simply just advise people to “use drops” . We are not “most opticians”! We have equipment to not only fully assess the function of your tears and what exactly might be missing , but also fully assess the eyelids and the oil secreting glands that are key to keeping the surface of the eye healthy.

The tears are made up of 3 individual layers each with their own characteristics:

  • The mucous base layer: Provides a smooth surface to ensure your vision is clear and free from distortion
  • The liquid centre layer: Hydrates and maintains nutrients to the front of the eye 
  • The lipid (fat) top layer: This helps to hold the tears in place and prevents them from evaporating too quickly.

Depending on where the deficiency lies varies on what we need to treat. Once we have found the underlying cause we can then create a tailored regime that is perfect for you. Whether that be blocked tears ducts that may require lacrimal syringing or blepharitis requiring Blephex treatment we have a solution.

We have helped thousands of people across Macclesfield, Alsager, Sandbach and  Cheshire with our dedicated DRY EYE services . Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or simply fill in our dry eye questionnaire.

Can we help your dry eyes, sore eyes or red eyes today?

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