Contact Lenses

Modern technological advances mean that contact lenses are available to most of the population. They are now more comfortable and affordable. They are a convenient alternative to glasses when it comes to sport and social activities, where spectacles are not the most practical solution.

Contact lenses are there to correct your everyday vision, but more recent advances have seen the introduction of multifocal options, to enable people who need correction, for both distance and near, to wear contact lenses quite happily for both.

What is involved?

During our contact lens consultation, the optometrist will initially chat with you to discuss considerations such as your lifestyle, leisure activities and working environment and ascertain your expectations. Then we will do a short exam where we take measurements of your eye and assess the health of the eye before you are given professional advice on the most suitable lenses for you.

Being an Independent opticians means we are not restricted on where we get your lenses from, we can source whichever lenses the optometrists feels is most suitable for your requirements.

  • Contact lenses can provide many benefits over wearing glasses, and are a highly successful form of vision correction.
  • They improve your field of view, giving natural all round vision.
  • They are simple to use and convenient, expanding your lifestyle choices.
  • They can be particularly useful for sports and outdoor activities.
  • Contact lenses can be worn all day, part-time or just for special occasions.
  • They can correct almost all eye sight problems and are suitable for people of all ages, including children, and those who require a different lens power for distance and reading.
  • Contact lenses are quick to adapt to and the latest materials provide fantastic comfort and are healthier than ever for your eyes.
  • They can enhance your appearance and allow you to be glasses-free.

Contact lenses come in a range of types and the choice can often be bewildering. Three of the more common types are:

  • Soft Lenses
  • Gas Permeable
  • Daily Disposable

Contact lenses

There are lots of different reasons why some patients choose to wear contact lenses and at Broad Opticians we have a special interest that enables us to select the right sort of lens to suit your eyes and your lifestyle.

Ill-fitting lenses, which are unsuitable for the patients can cause irritation and even more serious damage to the wearers vision. It’s therefore very important to use high quality lenses that are fitted properly and checked regularly by a qualified practitioner.

We have found through years of experience there are very few people that can not have success with wearing lenses. The problems often arise when all options have not been discussed or what had been offered was just not right for them. When you visit Broad Opticians you will be given and honest opinion from a senior Optometrist on exactly what is best for you.

Just some of the leading brands we supply include Johnson and Johnson (Acuvue) & Alcon and Sauflon.  These offer a wider range of high quality lenses to ensure we can supply the best for our patients

Although not everyone is suitable for contact lenses, why not call us for further information. We can arrange a contact lens trial, subject to clinical suitability.

Soft Contact Lenses

By far the most common type of contact lens currently fitted are soft disposable lenses. Soft lenses are usually comfortable straight away, which makes them particularly useful for occasional wear e.g. for sports and social wear but are also well suited as regular all-day wear. Most soft lenses are replaced either twice weekly or daily, although some are replaced every month. More frequent replacement can help in maintaining comfort and the health of your eyes.

To find our more about how soft lenses might be suitable for your personal vision plan, ask one of our Optometrists to tell you more at your next appointment.

Progressive Dailies

A daily disposable version of the successful Monthly Progressive Contact lens from Alcon is now available. Designed for the occasional user who wants to do without glasses for reading and distance for those special occasions, these lenses offer amazing flexibility for the user. To find our more about our comprehensive range of contact lenses and to see what might be best for your personal vision plan, ask one of our Optometrists to tell you more at your next appointment.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas permeable lenses are developed from what used to be called hard contact lenses. These were made of perspex, and were good optically and typically quite durable. However, hard lenses were prone to allowing minimal oxygen through to the front of the eye, resulting in poor comfort and blurred vision when the lenses were removed. The latest Gas permeable materials now allow oxygen through to the eye when being worn, giving better comfort and less eye problems. They still require an adaptation time during which they may be a little uncomfortable, however once the adaptation is achieved, these lenses can be very comfortable to use and offer a very versatile option to regular wearers. To find our more about our hard contact lens ranges and to see what might be best for your personal vision plan, ask one of our Optometrists to tell you more at your next appointment.

Bifocals/multifocal Contact Lenses

Around the age of 45 your eyes might begin to lose their ability to focus on close up objects. So if you already need eyewear for distance vision, you are faced with the choice of either separate glasses for reading or spectacles that combine both near and distance lenses.

Fortunately there is now a viable alternative from contact lens manufacturers – multifocal contact lenses. Available in gas permeable and soft disposable forms, multifocal contact lenses are very different from their spectacle counterparts.  They rely on the central part of the lens giving a focus for both near and far vision. Thus allowing for simultaneous close and distance vision in all directions of gaze.

To find our more about our comprehensive range of contact lens and to see what might be best for your personal vision plan, ask one of our Optometrists to tell you more at your next appointment.

Importance of Aftercare

As a final comment, wearing of contact lenses is not without possible problems. Luckily these are rare, but such things as corneal ulcers do happen. This is mostly due to poor patient compliance with the solutions (where needed) and patients avoiding returning for regular aftercare.

Please do handle and care for your contact lenses as you have been advised, and don’t skimp on using the care products properly. IT REALLY IS WORTH IT.

If you have any questions about your existing contact lenses or whether your prescription might be suitable, why not call us for an appointment. We can arrange a contact lens trial, subject to clinical suitability.

Sportswear for eyes

Glasses are great at home and in the office, but when it comes to sports do you suffer from them steaming up and slipping down your nose at a vital moment?

Why restrict your performance and miss out on all the fun? You would not play tennis with a badminton racket or wear golfing clothes to the gym so why should eyewear be different?

Cycling is one activity where glasses can be the practical option. A fly in the eye on a cycle ride isn’t terribly pleasant, so glasses can be ideal. But what if it’s sunny? Don’t fancy a pair of flip up shades over your glasses or worried that re-active lenses might leave you in the dark? Why compromise? Pop in some daily disposable contact lenses and wear your favourite designer shades over the top.

The problem is we either perceive ourselves as a glasses wearer or a contact lens wearer. Why restrict yourself when glasses and contact lenses make a great team! Choose the type of eyewear most suitable for the occasion. Choosing contact lenses for sport isn’t just more convenient, it’s safer and can improve your peripheral awareness and thus your performance. Look good, have fun and win the ultimate high!!

Fear of the unknown

If you have considered wearing contact lenses for sport, what has put you off? Like many people you probably don’t fancy putting something in your eye or cleaning and storing the lenses. But things have changed! Hard uncomfortable contact lenses have been replaced by ultra thin soft lenses. There is also a great range of disposables on the market so you won’t need any bulky extras. 


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