Crizal Coated LensesFinding the right eyewear for you

Improve your vision, Improve your life

Experience Crizal no glare lenses for the clearest possible vision.

Providing protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV and other enemies of clear vision, Crizal no glare lenses can help you see better, look better and feel better.

Crizal Prevencia – The latest crizal innovation selectively filters blue-violet light.

UV & Blue light is present everywhere. Light plays an essential role in your everyday life, it is fundamental for your vision, it helps you perceive the surrounding world. And for your overall wellbeing, regulation of the sleep/wake cycles, mood, cognitive performances etc.

But light can also be the cause of premature eye aging it is known to be a contributing factor in the development of cataracts and Age related Macular degeneration

  • OUTDOORS – Whatever the weather you are exposed to UV rays and blue-violet light (sunny, cloudy, rainy etc.)
  • INDOORS – Blue violet light is present in LED and fluorescent light sources which are incorporated into most modern devices (computers, tablets, TVs, smartphones etc.)

CHILDREN- Because childrens eyes are still developing, light hazards are more harmful to them. And their daily activity increases their exposure to harmful light.

  • Children spend more time outside, they are exposed to UV rays and blue violet light 3 times more than adults.
  • Children learn to use electronic devices earlier in life, they spend on average 3 hours per day exposed to screens that emit blue light.


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